Handmade perfumers and design objects, original colors and shapes, fragrances designed for unique sensory journeys.

Santimantal is a Neapolitan company that, through its creations, tells the excellence of Neapolitan craftsmanship in the world. Each single piece is made by expert ceramic decorators and the fragrances testify to the uniqueness of the production.

The brand was born from the combination of the passion for craftsmanship of Fabio Majello, nephew of Alfonso Majello whose company is known for the famous Capodimonte porcelain, and from the artistic intuition of his wife Imma Sarnacchiaro who, kidnapped by the beauty of Capri, proposes to the husband the idea of ​​the ceramic hedgehog becoming its designer. Santimantal is the ideal brand to furnish your home with elegance. The exclusive Santimantal design objects are handmade and the harmony of colors and shapes is their

strong point. Even the fragrances are designed for singular sensory journeys; in particular, room fragrances with citrus or floral fruity fragrances intend to evoke emotions that the frenetic pace of our daily life prevents us from grasping and feeling, but which inexorably bring us back to the true beauty kept in the paradises of our Mediterranean, as well as perfumes of the Persona Line Ammore, Feminello and Terra di Capri, are able to tell moments of refined elegance. The most popular fragrances for the home are Femminiello, Terra di Capri and Azzurra, the latter ideal for the sleeping area of ​​the house because through the freshness of the citrus aroma it manages to give a feeling of well-being and calm.


Forms suggested by the Neapolitan nature, interpreted with art.
Exclusive design, impeccable workmanship by master craftsmen potters and blends of wonderful natural colors, for Ricciocaprese’s home fragrances.


Details that furnish with class and tell, with evocative beauty, the intense atmosphere of the island of Capri and the wonderful colors of the Neapolitan sea and land.